Welcome to django-pgfields

This is django-pgfields, a pluggable Django application that adds support for several specialized PostgreSQL fields within the Django ORM.

django-pgfields will work with Django applications using the PostgreSQL backend, and adds support for:

  • Arrays
  • Composte Types
  • JSON
  • UUIDs

Dependencies & Limitations

django-pgfields depends on:

  • Python 2.7+ or 3.3+ (Python 2.6 probably works, but is not explicitly tested against.)
  • Django 1.5+
  • Psycopg2 2.5+
  • six 1.4.1+

Quick Start

In order to use django-pgfields in a project:

  • Installation
    • pip install django-pgfields
    • Add django_pg to your settings.INSTALLED_APPS.
  • Usage
    • Essentially: Import our models module instead of the stock Django module. So, replace from django.db import models with from django_pg import models.
    • The new field classes provided by django_pg are now available on the models module. Use, for instance, models.UUIDField and models.ArrayField just as you would use models.CharField.

Getting Help

If you think you’ve found a bug in django-pgfields itself, please post an issue on the Issue Tracker.

For usage help, you’re free to e-mail the author, who will provide help (on a best effort basis) if possible.


New BSD.