django-pgfields 0.9.2

Welcome to django-pgfields 0.9.2!


This release of django-pgfields contains the following major features:


South Support

django-pgfields 0.9.2 adds out-of-the-box support for South, the popular migrations application for Django. With this release, all fields provided by django-pgfields are given appropriate introspection rules for South.

This also applies to any subclasses of CompositeField, which are given automatic introspection rules. This does not examine your subclass, however, so it is your responsibility to add introspection rules if your subclass takes constructor arguments.


South migrations using ArrayField were broken in django-pgfields 0.9.2; while the initial migration including the ArrayField would run, subsequent migrations would not. This has been corrected and a subsequent release, django-pgfields, issued.

JSON Field

django-pgfields 0.9.2 adds a new field for storing JSON in the database. The new JSONField is capable of taking Python objects that serialize into JSON (such as lists, dicts, booleans, and strings) and storing the JSON representation.

This feature makes use of the new JSON data type introduced in PostgreSQL 9.2. On earlier versions of PostgreSQL, it will fall back to the text type.

More information is available on the Fields documentation page.